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About Us


Why we do it

Moving forward, mankind has a difficult challenge ahead.

With a growing population, climate change, and limited resources, we need to create more with less.

Ovo's mission is to increase broiler production.

What we do

We developed an all-natural formula that influences sex development process in chiken embryos and reassigns female emryos to develop as male broilers.

More Males?

Male broilers are highly efficient in converting feed into meat and gaining weight. Poultry farmers worldwide are looking to grow more with less. We help in achieving this goal.

Technology Benefits

Safe and Healthy

We use 100% natural materials that are safe for human and animal consumption. We do not do GMO, use toxins, or apply any other artificial intervention.

Improved Welfare

By producing more males, we enable a reduction in the number of birds slaughtered, and reduce the stress associated with separating males and females on the final days of the growing stage.

Sustainable Production

By producing more with the same resources, we save electricity, reduce the industry's carbon footprint, and optimize feed consumption.

Efficient Production

With higher male ratio, farmers can produce more with the exact same feed, coops. equipment, and personnel.


Underlying Science

Our formula is a natural Aromatase-inhibitor. Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for estrogen biosynthesis. By inhibiting the process, early sexual organs (gonads) develop as testes in place of an ovary, resulting in phenotypic males that gain weight exactly like genotypic males.

Who We Are?

Established in 2018 in Israel by a group of poultry veterans and startup enthusiasts, we are looking to improve the broiler industry production chain, and make it a more sustainable, healthy, efficient, and humane.


Yael Alter

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rotem Kadir

Chief Scientist

Itzik Avital

Professional Grower

Alon Gozlan

VP Biz Dev

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